Friday, August 26, 2011

Clash - out on DVD NOW

This came out a few weeks ago and I didn't blog about it. (*hangs head in shame... Sorry Johnny*) But better late than never. This was recently released on DVD in the US. Clash stars a Johnny Nguyen in it. He assures me that he doesn't have any sock lines in his smexy scenes...Watch this and/or buy it. You won't regret it. It's an awesome foreign action film ^ ^

A young woman named Trinh, codenamed Phoenix, is blackmailed by a major crime boss to steal a laptop from a group of Frenchmen in Vietnam. If she completes the task, the crime boss promises to return Trinh’s daughter to her. Trinh hires a team to assist her in the task, however, two members of the team secretly have their own agendas. Quan (Johnny Nguyen) is an undercover police officer trying to infiltrate the crime circle of Black Dragon. Cang Grenade is a gangster who looks to steal the laptop for his own personal gains. Things become more problematic for Trinh when she falls in love with Quan and must decide whether to save her daughter or make the right choice.
Buy it HERE or HERE


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