Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Voyeurism into the Kpop(well this time JRock) fandom - Choose Your Own Adventure

Ok NOT really... It's my adventure. This actually happened in July 2009. I'm moving it here because I'm about to delete the place where it's posted.

*Picture NOT included*

So I was sitting with my friends waiting for the room to be ready, and we were of course gambling. I was outta of credits, and decided to spend more so I needed to break a $20 so I asked them to watch my purse while I went to the bill breaker. I walk over with my 20 and insert it, as I wait for it I glance to the side. I notice someone there that looks really familiar.
Me- glance over think to myself hmmmmmm... no way Look back at the changed machine. *glance again and heart starts to pound* Could it really be? Certainly looks like him!
By this time he has noticed me looking back and forth like a confused person. LOL He looks straight at me and smiles.
Me- "Ju...Ju-Ken?"
Ju-Ken - "Yes." nods yes
Me- *0 to fangirl mode in less than 1 second* "OMG can I have your autograph?"
Ju-Ken - Smiles but seems a little surprised someone recognizes him..."Sure ... Sure"
Me - "Ok thank you so much... just a second" *thinks to myself OMG OMG OMG*

I run back to where I was sitting, snatch up my friend who wasn't nearly as excited (but that was probably a good thing LOL) as my crazy ass, telling her to follow me. This whole time I'm rummaging through my purse.... *thinks Where the hell is that pen, and oh crap no paper!!! I took the pens out cuz of security on the plane and cleaned out my purse for the trip. DAMMIT!!! >.<* But thank god for my crazy thought process... what do drunk people do when they want someone's phone number? Why they go to the bar, grab a napkin and ask the bartender for a pen. And that's exactly what I did. I pray that the bartender won't tell me no cuz I would just die, and he's really nice and lets me borrow the pen... THANK HEAVEN!!! I rush back to Ju-Ken.
Me - Thrusting the napkin and pen at him, and don't notice there is nothing for him to write on... He takes it trying to figure out where to place it to write.. embarrassed I say "Oops sorry" as I place my hands out for him to use a table. (yeah I was incoherent like that :P)
Ju-Ken - just sits and smiles and politely fills out my autograph...
Me- "We came all the way from Colorado to see your concert. We're so excited!!"
Ju-Ken- fills out my friends autograph
Random guy behind Ju-Ken - "You're having a concert here tonight? Where?"
Ju-Ken turns to answer him.. and I hear myself blurt "At the Wasted Space" Huge smile on my face that turns into a blush because seriously WTF am I answering for?! *face/palm stupid stupid*
Random Guy- "Oh really well then take this, I won't use it." Hands me two line passes. Yep that's right straight to the front of the line passes. YAY random guy!! :)
Me - "Thank you! Are you sure?"
Random Guy - "yeah, go ahead. Have fun!" I thank him and take the tickets.
By then Ju-Ken is done.
Me - "Thank you so much! I can't wait for the concert! Good luck."
Ju-Ken - smiles "Thank you"

I walk back to my seat and my other friends are seriously giggling at me because my grin is HUGE. I try to calm down for a minute and then I suddenly say " I want a picture... Cat come take a picture." Abby looks at me like I'm crazy and refuses to go and ask for a picture. I look at her like she's crazy when is this chance ever going to happen again?! I drag Cat with me to take the picture.
Of course he's doing his thing, and I stop in front of him. He glances up and smiles again.
I place my hands in front of me in prayer pose... "Can I please, please, please take a picture with you?"
Ju-Ken - smiles "Picture? Sure.... sure'
Me - huge smile "thank you so much!"
We take the picture...
Me - "Thank you again." Bow in appreciation and he bows back. Then he shakes my hand
Me - "It was so nice meeting you.. Good Luck at the concert!"

All smiles I walk away. I sit with my friends who are laughing at me, and I know he can hear them. My friend Amy asks "So how was that?" Me - "Amazing!" He's still doing his own thing when we walk away... I don't bother him again, because it was his own time and I feel like I really intruded enough as it was. I didn't tell anyone else that I saw him either. Like I said I felt like it was his private time. He looked at me as we passed each other in the hall in front of the pool, but I didn't fangirl again lol. I was proud I didn't speak all loud because I didn't think he would understand me (if you know me, you know I do it when I'm really nervous)There is more that happened at the concert, but that's another story! :).


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