Saturday, January 2, 2010

WTF does OnyxHikari mean anyway?!

Well in honor of the New Year I'm opening this blog. First thing I would like to do is explain my name. You can find me all over the net with this name. I've had it for years. It's a love/hate thing. But I doubt I'll change it any time soon as that's what most people know me by. The most common question is - 'Well what the hell does it mean?'

Onyx = protective stone
Hikari = Japanese for light
*So in essence it means protective light.* So there is your answer.

First let me warn you I can come of harsh, but I'm not. I don't judge people and I expect the same thing in return. But I will never be a bitch to you unless you are to me first or to one of my friends. Easy right? You'd be amazed at how many people I've found who bask in their ability to be an total bitch with ignorant answers or unsolicited/uneducated pretentious answers just because they are a little popular or know someone of someone. That being said I try hard not to be that way. If you have questions for me, you can ask them >>HERE
Well that's pretty much all for now. It's gonna be a fun ride, cuz yeah it's me. LOL But this hopefully will be my journey through the year. Good/ bad/ sexy/ ugly/ FUN... but always HONEST. (The term 'unreality' is my term for this new year, as well as my life's motto ' aut viam inveniam aut faciam ' will be explained in a later post.)

Follow me into the rabbit whole if you will my lovely freaks....the year has just begun.


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