Monday, November 7, 2011

If you don't know Vampy....YOU SHOULD (and a contest)

(Photo courtesy of The One Gaming Nation article HERE )

If you love cosplay then you should know Linda Le aka Vampy bit me. She's an awesome cosplayer that makes the circuit to cons all over. Besides her bright personality, she's very honest about her otaku status and her love of all things anime/manga. While her costumes are some of the best I've ever seen, she also is a kind hearted person who loves to connect with her fans. If you haven't seen any of her cosplays... well I can solve that here's some of her links.



Make sure to check her out!
Now I'm sure some of you are like... Hey! Wait! You said contest!! - Why yes yes I did. So here's the deal ... Follow this LINK (only a short time left) follow the instructions and you could win your very own Pedobear hat! (Hosted by VampyBitMe and Catch Kuma on Facebook.) It's as simple as a blog or a picture! Seriously what are you waiting on? GO GO GO! ^_^ Good LUCK to you all!! GANBARE!!

- OnyxHikari


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