Sunday, December 25, 2011

My opinion on the Crazy Fangirl Phenom...

After some thought I decided to post this portion. Remember this is just my thoughts and opinions on the matter talked about in the post below. Negative comments will be deleted. You don't have to agree... you don't have to read it... you have been warned.

So here are my thoughts on this phenomenon. You people need to get a grip. Here’s the thing, I can understand that they seem they are the perfect one for you. That there are things that you think you love, but in reality there is no reality. What I mean is that more times than not it is a persona that they present, but are not truly like what they are. Sometimes it’s close, sometimes it’s not. Bottom line they’re human, with thoughts and emotions just like everyone else. They can’t help it if they fall in love and isn’t it sad that they have to hide it. (Most companies won’t let them publicly release the info, or they simply chose not to because of all the anti’s* that come out of the woodwork.) Imagine you are them; someone you don’t know comes up to and says “I like you. I admire who you are and what you do. BUT you can never be with anyone, you have to be single and alone for as long as I like you.” Suckage right? Now that’s how they probably feel. Being under scrutiny already is hard, having to do it alone? Heartbreaking.

I’m not saying that you can’t plaster your walls with their posters, scream and be excited when you see them and simply adore them from afar, but do so as a fan. To be a fan you would want the person of your adoration happy correct? But to say mean things because they are dating, could be or otherwise, is simply not nice behavior ever. Would they be proud to call you their fan if they knew what you were doing? Bottom line is that they are human and have a right to happiness just like everyone else. Who are we to say that someone isn’t pretty enough, good enough or whatever enough? We don’t know who that other person is. Or what attracted them in the first place. We don’t live in their everyday lives and see the everyday actions that take place between them. Who are we to say who is worthy of another person? It’s not our place to say or decide.

All people deserve love. Everyone is worthy. To stand up and say otherwise is just ignorant. They are human, not property no matter how many of the photobooks, movies, cds or posters you buy. They make mistakes, have bad habits, get grouchy, have bad days and on and on. If you recognize that in them, then you can consider yourself a true fan.


Bitten Usagi said...

Amen!! (ummm sorry for the ton of comments today but wanted to be on my computer as I'm logged into my other acct on my phone & it's a pain to log in and out of aka I'm lazy >.<}

OnyxHikari said...

LOL silly I love the comment ;) waiting for more people the make more LOL

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