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Voyeurism into the Kpop fandom Part 2 - Crazy Fangirls

So I decided that I'll jump around simply because I can. Mostly when things I observe remind of something blog worthy. What's caught my attention lately is Fangirls. That's right that screamin, crying mass of girls and women that drool over the smexiness of idols despite age, race and culture. Everyone has heard of them and I'm not saying that I'm not one. 'Cause I am.

But this post is going to talk about the fangirls extreme thoughts that I've seen, I've started to refer to them as Crazy Fangirls. (Granted everyone is entitled to say/feel whatever they want no matter how crazy, but along those lines I'm also allowed to believe that you are bat sh*t cray cray for thinking it.) If you don’t like what I’m about to say/talk about or think you’ll be offended, stop reading now.

I'm not talking about normal "I'm your fan, I love your work, I can't believe I met you ...please sign ____ “ fangirl…. I'm talking about almost the extreme opposite. The "Here's my altar, I sent you 50,000 letters, and one day we will get married" Crazy Fangirls. I’m not saying that this is something that exists only in the Kpop fandom, because it certainly doesn't. But since that's what I have the most experience with, it's what I'm going to mostly refer to (and some Jrock fandom I've experienced/and or read about).

A good example of good fangirls gone bad (so you have something to refer to) is the ones that generally follow Justin B. Now his aren't something to F with, they will seriously put you on the side of a milk carton. Look at what they did when they found out he was dating Selena Gomez. Fortunately for him and his gf he was able to stand up and tell them to stop and mean it. By publicly stating that he didn’t approve of their actions, he put a stop to most of the shannigans. Now I’m not his fan (yeah whatever hate me if you must but I’ll never be) but I have to say that was a pretty gutsy move on his part. Basically it was a take it or leave it, this is who I’m with and I don’t need your opinion but you WILL respect her and my decision man thing to do.

Ok to the point. The thing that I notice with some fangirls that 'ship some kind of male idol simply pull everything out of context or have extremist thoughts. This happens almost exclusively when there are rumors of them dating. If such a thing happens usually the response ranges from "I'm so happy for _____" to "I'm going to string that _____ up and dump her body". I can say that they truly don't want anyone to be with them unless it's them. I don't know for certain if they believe that if they were to ever to meet them, the idol would fall irrevocably in love with them or if they truly want that person to be single forever. I’ve seen comments that ranged from “She’s not pretty enough to be with ____”, “She looks like a dog”, “what was ____ thinking?!”, “ ____ could do so much better than that!”, “She’s a whore” “She’s too fat/dumb/skinny/ugly/short/tall/whatever” or simply “I don’t believe it, ____ isn’t good enough.” My question is compared to who? You? Another celeb? And what makes you think that they need our approval? Or anyone has a right to decide on what or who makes them happy? (Sadly though they are afraid of anti’s for several reasons that I won’t get into, so they do hide relationships …. Example would be Papa YG and Se7en)

An example would be TOP from Big Bang. I like TOP. I could say I fangirl over him. But do I want him to be eternally alone??? UMMMM NO. (Would I be a little disappointed if it wasn’t Bom? Yes… lol sue me they’re one of my OTPs) I’ve read in several places where people say things like “I can’t imagine shipping him with anyone”, “he’s mine (in a serious manner)” or they will simply cuss you out for even thinking it. He has stated in an interview that took place after his movie “71 into the Fire” that he doesn’t see himself getting married until he’s in his 40’s. Someone’s comment on that “I don’t want to see him with anyone ….EVER”. (Really? So you want him to be sad and alone for the rest of his life. I’m sure he’s so glad you’re his fan. Case in point his ex-girlfriend. He even wrote a song about it, because he was feeling so guilty she was being harassed.) And oh the arguments I’ve seen because he has no age limit on love. He seems to like the noonas (older women) but say that to someone younger than him and all hell breaks loose. “He said he likes to be called oppa” (ya know cuz it happened one time on some program) “But he said he likes to date older women..” (ya know cuz of his last gf) and on and on and blah blah blah. I’m sure that his answers weren’t scripted to some degree at all or YG didn’t tell him what he could or couldn’t say. (<<< that was sarcasm)

Another couple of examples would be Se7en and GACKT. I read somewhere, I don’t honestly remember, that GACKT had simply taken a picture with a girl at an airport gate and people assumed she was his girlfriend. It started a shark feeding frenzy. People started to threaten her life, pranked her all time, all kinds of stuff. It was so bad, GACKT had to go on record to state what happened and clarify. OVER A PICTURE and RUMOR PEOPLE! I guess the girl had it so bad that she changed her number and moved. (Personally I believe this is one of the reasons he either flat out refuses or shy's away from taking pictures with fans in random settings.) Se7en’s is fairly simple he announced he had been dating the same girl for 9 years and lost 70,000 fans in one day. (I’m assuming from his fan group memberships.)

On a personal level I have a friend who’s been very fortunate to meet several Kpop idols. She’s a doll and completely funny. But when she posted these online after meeting them, she basically eluded that many people were calling her names and basically being mean to her. And for what reason? Simply because she was lucky enough to meet them, interact with them and get her picture with them. Yeah that’s a good reason to be a jerk. (Now I can’t say all fangirls are like this. When I met several Jrock artists and posted pictures and told my stories to go with it, fangirls were nothing but nice. They were excited as I was and had nothing but nice things to say to me.)

But I have also heard some disturbing stories about how far these cray cray fangirls will go. I can’t even discuss them because they are so far out there. It is something that is disgusting and simply insane. So this brings us to ---

CRAZY FANGIRL RULE #2: IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU, NO ONE CAN. You will be lonely and sad for as long as I say and unless I approve.

And if you don’t agree with this please refer to CRAZY FANGIRL RULE #1 HERE.

Keep Calm and don’t be a Crazy Fangirl …. That is all.

*I have dediced to omit my opinions on this matter for a later post. I will decided whether or not to put it up as part B on a later date. It’s all typed up, but solely my opinion on this phenomenon. So maybe later.*


Bitten Usagi said...

I've seen this a lot in places other than music too. There was a female celeb bullied off Twitter for kissing another celeb in a movie (can't for the life of me remember names though) and another is Tom Felton's gf. All over tumblr you saw things like "what a ___" or "she doesn't deserve him" and the like, normally accompanied by a pic of them or one of Jayde partying or something. Seriously?? Newsflash cray cray fangirls: You will likely never meet this person and how the hell are you to judge if someone is deserving of their affection. As your rule says and it's so sad and pathetic. *smh* (also fyi I'm loving this series even if it is about crazies, lol)

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