Friday, December 23, 2011

Let's talk about Corn Bom aka Park Bom

One of my favorite aliens...8th dimensional queen (they came up with a whole other 4th dimension for her lol) and kick butt singer Park Bom. Many know her from 2NE1 and her silly, quirkiness in 2NE1 TV. She's completely adorable, and someone I can see myself hanging out with her.

But my love and bias of Bom isn't something that I wanna discuss today. Ok well kinda don't cuz some people may just see this as a 'Bom is the greatest post' but whatever. What I would like to talk about is 2 things. 1. her singing voice 2. her weight

1. Singing voice - Some people complain that she can't really sing. But it's obvious she can. She has a wonderful voice. The thing that people fail to realize is that if you really think about it, she as well as all of 2NE1 sing all the time without really resting. Bom tends to sing the hook and her notes always range all over the scale. This can be a difficult thing to do on a constant basis without rest. If you've never sung in a choir or anything it may be something that you don't get. It's easy to say 'well she can't sing, listen to her voice crack' but like if you were to talk and talk all the time with no rest in between, dance and watch what you eat, eventually you're voice is gonna go. (Personally when I don't get enough sleep my voice cracks or sounds harsh, so imagine their schedule where sleeping more than 4 hours is a luxury.) Add lymphadenitis and 5" heels and you'd be cracking too. BUT when her voice is rested it sounds like this.

Before her illness started to affect her singing voice ~

2. Weight - Personally I don't find it anyone's business and people are too cruel about it. Has she gained? Wow she lost! blah blah blah. I don't think that she's ever looked big and honestly sometimes I get sad that people feel so free to comment on it. Some of the bloating in her face has to do with her condition, while at times she may have gained weight. But if you look at her right now, she's almost too skinny. She's always had a "S" shape, but with anyone with long legs, she has a short torso which can make her middle look bigger cuz there is almost no waist. Geez cut her some slack she's human. I love ALL of 2NE1 but you don't see people commenting on CL's and Minzy's weight issues. And both are as beautiful as Bom. I don't know if they are comparing her with Dara, but in my opinion Dara is too skinny. I believe the last time she talked about her weight she was 85 lbs. IF THIS DOESN'T BOTHER YOU, YOU'RE WARPED. 85 lbs is scary skinny and here in the U.S. we'd be doing an intervention. I could go on about the signs she shows of anorexia, but I won't. She's beautiful and hopefully she knows that. ( Case in point this is in an actual article on AllKpop -- #3. Which girl group is the lightest?

The members of 2NE1 are the lightest with a group average of 43.5 kg (95.9lbs). They stand at 162.5 cm tall. Dara is the lightest member among all the girl groups, weighing in at 40 kg (88.1 lbs) ).<--- WHO THE F CARES? Why is this in an article. I think it's pathetic. And people having to know how much they weight? SMEH

So in conclusion just this ---- IF BOM WANTS CORN GIVE HER CORN.

But the point is that everyone has their thing, but I think that people just need to let them be them. Let Bom be human with all her flaws and charms, because in the end she has feelings just like us. How would you feel if you saw some of the nasty crap people feel free to say behind the screen of a monitor simply because of the anonymity? Cyber bullying doesn't just happen to normal people, just because a they are famous doesn't give anyone the right to break Wheaton's law. Try to put yourself in their place before you say something.

She works hard....they work hard, ALL of them... Cut them some slack for pete's sake.That is all.

-- Hate me if you want but this is what I think.
(On a more personal note, let me just say how much it bothers me to know that Papa YG calls her 'Stupid Bom' and everyone knows it. Maybe it means something different in Korean, like a term of affection, but to me it's just unnecessarily mean. Her eyes always seems so sad when people use it/bring it up.)


Bitten Usagi said...

Her voice is gorgeous and quite frankly the haters are just jelly. Same with her weight. I get so sick of weight being such a focus for celebs at all. It's not like she's obese or anything so wtf is it anything to talk about. As for the lightest group question? I can't even... as you said who effing cares?? Ugh.

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