Monday, January 2, 2012

APink makes me cry every time...without FAIL

So I've recently been watching the KBS show 'Infinite: Birth of a Family". The main cuts I watch contain Infinite and APink. These two idols groups have taken abandoned dogs from a no kill shelter and are filmed trying to give the dogs a sense of "family"while being filmed to raise awareness for the plight of animals in Korea. (I believe in the first episode it said that 85000 dogs were abandoned to the elements a year.) -- I may review this for the drama blog.

A quick synopsis -
After a voluntary selection process to determine and evaluate their readiness and ability to take care of these abused animals. Several groups apply, but only two were chosen. While the process is light-hearted on the show, you can tell there was probably more to it than was shown.

Infinite - This boy idol group is given a set of 3 puppies. Their mother was raised and killed for food. The puppies were only 2 months old when they received them and had already suffered from the previous owners. The interactions of these pups growing up to prepare for a forever family is a cute as you can imagine as they are given love they'd never previously known. And like any "kids" the more the love they receive, the more stable they become and the more trouble they get into. ^ ^

APink - These idol girls were given two dogs and they manage to make me cry EVERY episode. While the puppies plight is sad, I find the plight of these dogs excruciatingly heartbreaking. Dale (pronounced Dalie) was swept down a drain. People heard her yipping and rescued her after several days. She was only a couple of months old. (It was just shown that his mama didn't leave his side the whole time. Staying close by through the rain and poor weather T^ T) Due to this is very introverted, scared and weary of strangers. The other dog is named Quick. This poor dog has seperation aniexty disorder. His owner had several dogs and neglected Quick. So even though he's friendly and loving, if left alone he freaks out because he thinks your not coming back.

Any way ... there is a part in the show where APink is told that they should either ignore Quick 30 mins prior leaving home and 30 mins after returning or leave the TV/radio on for him so he doesn't feel alone. This give them an idea that since he's so used to their voices they will record a story for him and a few songs. (You can look up APink and snow black and find the recording.) In they end they sing Dale and Quick 'Wishlist'. Something about them singing it acapella and the looks on these poor dogs faces when they first came home makes me cry EVERY FREAKING TIME.
Watch it >>

- Come to me, step by step
-There will only be happiness in the future
- There's no need to worry anymore
- Remember you have a family now

So thanks to APink, this girl who isn't a fan of bubblegum kpop has a new group that she likes. While I can tell they are trying to copy SNSD, I have to say that I like them more. While SNSD may be Korea's sweethearts, I don't like their over sexualized tendencies that sometimes appear in the way they dress. These girls are cute, and I don't mind them at all. They have good hearts and that to me is more important than anything else. You can tell in the way they love these two poor dogs, even knowing that they will have to give them up eventually to a forever home.



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