Monday, January 2, 2012

You don't have to be a Joongbo-er ...But I am FOR LIFE BAYBEH!!

Kim Hyun Joong and HwangBo. While I don't think (although I hope) that they are dating now, I personally think that they were headed that way in WGM, especially toward the end. I chose to believe that they dated some time after the show ended.. Whether or not they were real or reel, the chemistry between them was fun and sweet to watch. After all these years, I still say that they think of each other. I know that in one interview that KJH stated that he dated someone for several months and gave a few details. While other cast members didn't know what he was talking about, one of them did as they were a host for WGM. Now was he talking about the WGM relationship or real life, who knows? BUT the JoongBo-er in me choose to believe real life.

She encouraged him to go for the acting role in BOF, and to take care of himself. They collaborated on her song for the festival with him on electric guitar because he loved to play, but was never allowed to. I think that they pushed each other to be better.

Watching him sing this song, brings back memories. Memories of how much HwangBo wanted him to learn this on the piano, but he could just never squeeze in the time. How when he was headed to Japan, he decided to sing this song for her. That even though she closed her eyes to feel the emotion, he soon admitted he didn't remember the lyrics, couldn't find them on his phone, used hers and then got frustrated because it kept shutting off. The whole part of the episode was bittersweet. Anyway seeing him perform this with such raw emotion and perfection, makes me want to believe that he's either recalling past memories and/or dedicating it to his Hwang buin. He knew what us JoongBo-er / Sshangchu couple shippers would think for him to choose this song after all this time, yet he choose to do it. I can't help but wonder what Hwang-buin was thinking when she heard him sing this. He's had time to mature and she's had time to realize how to bend. Now is the perfect time... I say go for it JoongBo. FIGHTING!!

If you look at his expressions and the lyrics, you can see the connection. To me he looks almost bittersweet in his memories, bringing him close to tears a couple of times. I wonder if it's since the song he's singing describes most of the on air relationship. You can tell no matter what anyone says, that this song has a special meaning to him. Believe or not....but I'm allowed to ^ ^


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