Friday, January 20, 2012

Excuse me while I step on my Soapbox for a second....

We interrupt this fanfic writing for the following SMH moment *steps on soapbox*.......

So I have to say is it only me, or does anyone else notice that YGE is suspiciously not being nominated or winning any awards this year? I don't really get it. Besides the whole thought process that SM is really stands for Silly Mafia and they rule Korea with too short shorts and skirts. (Makes me laugh that only a couple of years ago how everyone was up in arms that SNSD insulted several, if not ALL of their sunbaes, by either insulting them to their face, telling them they couldn't sing in English or cussing on air. HERE and HERE are the articles. But now they are considered Korea's sweethearts because everyone fell in love with their wholesome bubblegum kpop song 'Gee'. Which I admittedly liked for a bit. But as their mistakes were forgiven and they rose in the charts, so did the hems of their skirts and shorts HERE and HERE. but I digress....) Now don't get me wrong I'm a fan of Suju. I wouldn't consider myself an ELF but I would like to see them in concert someday.

Anyway back to the original WTF of this post. If you paid any attention to the totally biased Korean award shows this year you would have noticed that suspiciously missing from any nominations or winnings was YGE. Does Appa YG care? Prolly not. His artists are known internationally winning both the European Music Awards beating artists like Brittney Spears or Best World Wide Act, Best Asia and Pacific Act and MTV Iggy's Best New World Artist which needs no explanation. Say what you want, but I don't see others being nominated for international awards like this. And let me mention that 2NE1 debuted in Japan, reached #1 in one week and won the best new artist award, but won maybe what? 4 awards in Korea after promoting there all year? Ok so it maybe more and I'm to lazy to look it up, but you get my point. While some may blame the lack of nominations for GD and Top due to the totally stupid and ridiculous five minute scandal that took place, they won 1 award. WTF?!

So lets just lay out a few facts and then you make the call ----
  1. Park Bom - Don't Cry was the perfect 'All Kill' in the charts. Topping charts for weeks at number 1. While she only performed once, she was nominated this year for ...... wait for it.... you guessed it NO AWARDS. That's right ZERO, ZIP, NADA, NOTHING.
  2. GD and Top - "To promote their album, the duo released three singles: "High High," "Oh Yeah," and "Knock out."All three singles preceded the release of the album. The singles were commercial successes: "High High" was a chart-topper while "Oh Yeah" and "Knock Out" both peaked at number two and number three respectively. The album was released on Christmas Eve, and debuted at number one on the Gaon Chart with pre-orders of 200,000 copies." - courtesy of Wiki. Ok so we read that right, right? They promoted ALL YEAR practically.....So considering they topped charts, how many awards did they win? ....wait for it .... ONE. Yep ONE. (side note: thanks to all those that overreacted to the miniscule amt of found in GD's hair. Thanks to that scandal they will no longer be promoting in Japan and the album has been shelved. 'Oh Yeah' in Japanese is to be sold as a special release only at YG Family Concerts. >_<)
  3. GG (Park Myung Soo and GD) - "With a collaboration with Park Myung Soo , they created a duo called GG for the Infinite Challenge Seohae Ahn Highway Song Festival 2011. They released their song 'Having an Affair' featuring Park Bom from 2NE1 on June 2, 2011, which became an 'All Kill' on various Korean music charts." - Courtsey Wiki -Unable to win an award as it was ineligible due to the fact it was created for the Highway Song Festival... again so ZERO.
  4. 2NE1- Lonely, Don't Cry, I am the Best, Ugly all charted at 1. Hate You charted at 3. The 2nd mini Album top the chart at number 1 on both weekly and monthly Gaon Chart ( complied by the Korea Music Content Industry Association and sponsored by South Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) Ranked #4 on the U.S. Billboard World Albums. So not counting the MTV Iggy award and the Japanese award, how many Korean awards did they win? .....SIX ... yep SIX.
  5. Golden Disk Awards- (what actually spawned this post.) 2NE1 have been nominated 7 times, three years in a row for the popularity award....How many times have they won?? NEVER. YEP NEVER.

Ok so I think I made my point, you can look further into it if you want to, but I say SHANNIGANS. All I can think of is that SM who seems to be racking up the awards, maybe behind a little more than we know. ( I also find it weird that the presidents of YG and JYP are judging in Kpop star, but SM put Boa there. What are too shy and they can't they go on a show? And personally I find weird that Boa has been with SM for since she was like what 12? performing since she was 14? yeah I'm not sure, not a huge fan. hmmmm *cough slave contracts cough*) It just seems to strange to me. People are noticing that YGE seems to be being snubbed as well.

Is it jealously? I mean you don't have to adore any of the artists or even like more than one of their songs, but you can't deny their accomplishments.
++GD - a musical genius. His tracks and producing are gold. He can sing, dance and rap. Being able to write and produce is like icing on a cupcake. It only adds to the greatness. He has no where to go but up. Talent... he's got it.
++Top- Up and coming actor, who proved himself in 71 into the Fire and Iris. He's more than pretty face and charismatic rapper, he also writes his own lyrics and music. If he could dance, well then yeah he'd be unstoppable *cough Choom Top cough*.
++Park Bom - Cute, funny and extremely talented singing wise. Wins over the hearts of young and old and has been voted the one solo album everyone is waiting for. She's the ring leader for 8D domination.
++Dara - actress, singer, PR. Loves her fans, fans love her. She makes it a point to keep them in the loop and many feel like their friends because she's always engaging them.
++Teddy - He helps produce all those kick ass songs. EVERYONE wants Teddy to produce for them.
++Minzy and Taeyang - Dancers and singers extraordinaire. The girl and guy can bust a move on anyone. Dance Battles? They win them.
++Se7en - Dancer and singer.....he's just fabulous. His talent just comes out on stage like no other and it's so obvious he loves what he does.

I could go on and on but I won't. I will just say after YG's artists won the international awards, it was like Korea's entertainment industry just started to shun them. At least that's what I saw. The non winning? It's like cherry on the sundae. Personally I just don't think that it's fair and obviously bias. Yeah I may be overreacting, but you know what it's my blog and I can. You can agree or disagree, leave a comment and do so, but this is what I see. If I was Appa YG I would have dragged all my kick ass artists to Japan too. (I may post my thoughts on him later. I think he deserves that.) Say what you want, but you can't deny that the YG Family has talent. And regardless they should be recognized for it.

So to all the award shows I cared about as much as the Grammy's....... SMEH

We now return you to your regularly scheduled fanfic writing *steps off of soapbox*...... this message was brought you by the tabling of SOPA and PIPA. because if it hadn't been, we wouldn't be allowed to mention squat....EVER. #STOPSOPA #STOPPIPA (hahaha I was gonna keep it short, but SMH)


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