Sunday, February 5, 2012

Something Random .... About me

If you know me really well, you already know this... For all others well now you will.

I LOVE old movies. Movies from the 1930's and the 1940's (early 50's) were my choice of movies while growing up. I add to my current collection all the time. People look at me strange and think that I'm completely off my rocker, but seriously I love them.

I know that they can be cheesey lines, questionable acting and easy to decipher plots, but that's not the reason I adore them so. I love the old Hollywood glamour of them. The sets, the makeup, the hair, the costumes and most of the time the stories themselves. There's something to be said about the simplicity of it all. Women were women and men were men. Though you can see racial stereotyping in almost all the movies, if you look back on the generation they were made in, hopefully you can see past that and enjoy it for what it is. So anyway here are a few of my favorites....

Till the Clouds Roll By (Semi autobiographical of Jerome Kern)- HUGE musical cast from Lena Horne to Judy Garland to old blue eyes. It's the story of the composer who created some of the most loved musicals of then and now, like Showboat, Fred and Ginger movies and on and on....Look him up he was amazing. (Sadly he passed away before the completion of his tribute.)

The Spanish Main (and The Black Swan) or Anything pirates with Maureen O'hara in it. She's one of my favorite red heads. I love her more than Rita Hayworth. She wasn't overly sexualized, but simply beautiful and classy. She acted in several movies even decades after old Hollywood glamour faded away.

Saving the best for last of course. I've watched every movie that they were ever in, and a few where they weren't together. FRED AND GINGER. How I simply adore them. (Trivia: Ginger Rogers won an Academy award for her portrayal of Kitty Foyle. A must see movie, she was glorious. I remember the whole story line to this day.) All in all they performed in 10 films together (9 RKO -one in technicolor and 1 with MGM- their last film), all of them magic. This has to be one of my faves (as with most fans) Swing Time. I love the duet of "A Fine Romance." (Trivia: composer was Jerome Kern) But for this post I will show off their dancing shoes.


When asked about the films Ginger stated "try doing everything he does backwards and in heels..." hahahaha

Anyway if you're looking for something with old Hollywood glam or simply something that's different from the movies of the modern age, try some of these. They're lighthearted and take you back to a time where everything was simpler. Sometimes all we need is something that will make us smile.
Other recommendations:
Harvey Girls - Judy Garland
A Star is Born - Judy Garland
Tammy and the Bachelor - Debbie Reynolds
Robin Hood - Tyrone Powell
Penny Serenade - Cary Grant
Easter Parade - Judy Garland/Fred Astaire
Meet Me in St. Louis -Judy Garland
State Fair
An Affair to Remember
The Last Time I saw Paris - Elizabeth Taylor
Rebecca - Laurence Olivier
and more.....

So I'll leave you with a scene from one of my favorite movies. Judy Garland actually changed on of the lines in the song as she found it too depressing and magic.... it became one of the most loved Christmas songs ever.... ENJOY

Meet Me in St. Louis (How can you not love Tootie (Margret O'Brien)? The original goth girl always killing off her dolls with a fatal disease. And Judy Garland just emits gentleness in this scene on Christmas Eve. They know they are moving soon, leaving all they know behind and she is trying to comfort Tootie.)


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