Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's been awhile ne? Well all I can say is that I've been busy. Graduated with one degree to move on to try and receive another. Almost there, end is in sight and picked a minor that fits me. (That and I'm not sure who really reads this anyway LOLOL.)

Anyway. After vegging tonight after non-vegging I started to think that we all have movies we watch simply because they are feel good movies. Much like comfort food, we just watch them because they calm us, lead us to cheer on the underdog and/or hero and make us smile at the end. For me there are two movies that encompass this feeling. I'll post them below. I have probably watched both more than 10 times a piece and always watch them when they are playing on tv.

The first one is Secretariat - I love this movie. Really a story about a woman and her horse. Everyone looks down on her, repeatedly telling her she is a female in a male only world. She beats against the standards and ends up with a horse that is considered the underdog. But if anyone believes in this horse and what he's capable of is his owner and his team. He has been known as the "Horse that God created" and the "greatest race horse of all time" He represents the hero in all of us and the courage to push past his limits and create new ones. Watch it. I hope it inspires you.

The second is another true story called The Blind Side - Story of redemption, family and not letting circumstances define you. The story and the characters are inspiring. From being able to find what you were meant to do in life, to the giving of love that demands nothing in return. I simply love this movie.


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