Saturday, June 30, 2012

What can I say? Who reads this anyway?

Well I planned a big blog rant like what? A month ago? yeah ummm -- no go. I got caught up with Fifty Shades Trilogy and moved on from there. Didn't turn on the TV except for the True Blood premiere. (yummy Eric yummy) I haven't turned on my computer except for necessity in the last 3 weeks (and wouldn't have at all if not for school.) as I was too caught up in the written word. That's right I read like 18 books... What? I'm an addict, I get engrossed and lose track of everything. Some were good -- others were better. Some were racy, some where touching and some were classics I've read a hundred times.

If you care rundown of favorites:
Fifty Shades Trilogy -- Grey, Darker and Freed (I think that a 4th book was needed for the gap between the end of 3 and the epi --- we all know Elena didn't let that go that easily. SRSLY-- yeah I'm fanficing it hahahaha)
Gabriel's Inferno (lots of quotes from The Divine Comedy)/Gabriel's Rapture
Please Sir, I'm Yours (pretty vanilla -- fifty shades was racier IMO. But it's a sweet story about the trust that must happen.Out of all the main male leads this one is my favorite, but add some Christian and he's perfect.)
Love Unscripted (Racy, but gave me a whole new insight on what it may be like to be a super popular celeb ::SHUDDER::)
Wicked Burn (Read next to a bucket of ice for your safety)
Bared to you (same warning -- can't wait for the sequel even if there was some plot issues)
Beautiful Disaster (very sweet -- I cried)
Gateway to Heaven (Same very sweet story)
Jane Eyre (it's one of my favorites --- I ALWAYS cry)

Six others that ranged from okay to smeh.

Will I review these? Maybe the ones that I think didn't get enough hype like Bared to you, Love Unscripted, Please Sir and Gabriel. But we'll have to see. But all books but Jane Eyre, listed are def a 18+ category.

Well I have to write a paper... so until next time. ^_^ Remember to smile at least one person,  you may be the only kindness that they have that day. Smile at the rest because it confuses them.


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