Sunday, September 30, 2012

Catching up Book Reviews

Oh lookie here, I’m back. So in honor of the new month I have decided to do a review a day, maybe two. Yes I have read that many books lately (If I had to guess around 60 or so), and now I have several weeks until my next college class, so free time. FINALLY. This means I will be catching up on a ton of stuff. 
Anyway I want to lay some ground rules. The first is that I have read either not well known authors or indie authors. Second I refuse to pay some of the exorbitant prices that some indie authors have deemed their work is worth. ( I will be writing about this soon.) The limit is $0.99 for 70-200 pgs and $3.99+ for books above that page count. There are several stories out there that I have seen where there are 20 pages and the author is charging $4.99 and up. This I deem ridiculous. Third I will link you to book on Amazon, but know they may be available on smash-words and other places as well. Forth and last I have paid for EVERY book I review. They were not given to me, but purchased, although some may have been free at the time of purchase and now have a price. 
With that being said I will also say that I will not be reviewing popular books unless requested to do so. Even if I have read them, so many reviews have been done about them I don’t think that it’s a necessary thing. This would include 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, Bared to You, Larissa Ione’s newest ones, etc. Also I have shifted my genre of interest as I tend to do. The books are mostly NOT supernatural or paranormal romance books, but all of them will have H/h and yummy Alphas and a few that don’t. 
Well look forward to the first post.


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