Sunday, June 19, 2011

Such a Pretty Face - Cathy Lamb

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A 30-something's makeover hits a few snags in Lamb's wan latest. Stevie Barrett has lost 170 pounds since she had a heart attack at age 32, but she still struggles with the same old dysfunctions: horrifying memories of her insane mother drowning her sister, the toxic uncle who raised her, and deep insecurities that see her sabotaging herself at every turn. Adjusting to her new body, Stevie struggles to carve a self-image as she helps her cousins plan their parents' 40th anniversary party and battles a moral dilemma at the law firm where she works as a legal assistant. Lamb (The Last Time I Was Me) writes with an acute sensitivity in the quiet sections where Stevie plans her garden and contemplates the ramifications of her dramatic physical change, but these pleasant moments are drowned out by extended slapstick sequences in which her uncle and, in flashback, her mother, display the same outrageous behaviors over and over. Stevie's a winning heroine, but the underdeveloped support cast dominate too much of her show.

I have to say that I've recommend this book so much. I can't even talk about it without giving a lot away. The story is truly touching and while not fast paced, full of love. The book title itself is sort of self explanatory. When people are bigger you hear them telling stories that sometimes have that one platitude in it "Well dear regardless you have such a pretty face..." the rest of is usually followed by "too bad _______". So we all can identify with that. The main character of Stevie has to learn to readjust, face old demons and some new ones. I found myself truly rooting for her as well as laughing and crying with her. She was a character with problems, friends and family that were easier to identify with. It's worth the read. When you need a book that just makes you smile try this one out.


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