Thursday, July 28, 2011


Life's so YAY but with a stress factor...SIGH. But oh well. It comes from me finishing my last summer class I opted to take as well as switching schools. I will be moving on from NJC with my Associates in Liberal Arts to Colorado Christian University to complete my Bachelors in Human Resources Organizational Management with a minor in Project Development and Psychology. Wow what a mouth full. School cuts into my reading time (I'm such a nerd) but it's what I need to get done.

Along with the obvious stated above I also have to visit my parents in Vegas. They want me to move up there right away, I'm just not sure if I really want to go at this moment. When I'm done with school definitely. I can't wait. I'll love it I'm sure, but I may end up moving earlier. But a visit is needed, they've been gone for almost 2 months (with the exception of 2 days to pack their stuff) and I miss them.

My thoughts and prayers are with my best friend who's father is dying of cancer. He's in surgery now to remove two tumors in his body. One on his liver that has a artery wrapped around it and other on his stomach. My heart bleeds. She didn't want me at the hospital but I know if anything happens there's only 5 hours separating us, and I don't need sleep. I pray that he will be fine.

September is almost upon us and with that I will blow up this blog with NDK pictures. I can't wait to go. I was hoping Tomo would preform again (he's so sweet) but I don't think that it's going to happen. I would have loved to meet Satsuki as well. But I'm sure between panels and other stuff my weekend will be full.

Well that's all for now. Remember Find a way or make one life is too short, but always greet it with a smile. ^^ ♥


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