Wednesday, December 21, 2011

GD and TOP (Ft Park Bom) - Oh Yeah Japanese MV

This ALL THIS....

I have been waiting for a this music video forever. I'm a huge fan of the YG Family (75% Blackjack 20% VIP and 5% other). I have listened to the GD & Top cd so much I'm glad it's not worn out yet. I have to say I may have broke the replay button on this one though. Lovin Top's charisma (as always) and coupled with that voice? Def my bias. Of course coupled with my other bias Park Bom, swoon worthy. And I personally consider GD a musical innovator. Considering his age and talent, I can't wait to see where it takes him in the future.

One of my fave tracks off the cd, I love that they collaborated with Park Bom. NO ONE can preform this song like her, she owns it. So without further newest song on repeat -

Now how smexy was that?


Bitten Usagi said...

I love this song and Bom's voice had me instantly running to the 2NE1 music too. Her voice is so beautiful and... well it's addicting I swear! Aishiteru for introducing me to it. And uh... sorry it took me so long. :P

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