Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kindle Loan List

Thanks to the brillant idea posted in a blog HERE By Inklings Read. I have decided to offer up what books I can at this time.

The Kindle books I can loan out are..............

My Blood Approves by Amanda Hocking (Books 1-4 Series)
1.My Blood Approves - Book 1 (Review Here)
2. Fate - My Blood Approves Book 2 (Review Here)
3.Flutter - My Blood Approves Book 3 (Review Here)
4.Wisdom - My Blood Approves Book 4 (Review Here)

If the book is crossed out, it has been loaned out. Leave a comment below and I'll send you my email if you would like to borrow any of the above books! Please include a valid email address (not your kindle address).

***Borrowing the rules from Inklings Read Blog****
Interested in participating? Here are the rules:
  1. Comment below with a link to your post and a book or two that is on your list. Please make sure your books are loanable before you list them!
  2. Specify, in your post, how people can reach you if they'd like to borrow one of your ebooks.
  3. Link your post back to Inklings Read.
  4. Check out other people's loan lists (not required).
  5. You can post your list anytime during the week, however my posts will be on Sundays.
  6. If you don't know how to loan a Kindle ebook you can find help here.


Bitten Usagi said...

So funny story... looked at my Kindle list and I only have one loanable book and it's China Modernizes. XD So sad & pathetic. LOL

Sarah said...

Great post!! Thank you for participating :)

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